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Playing With Fisher-Price Little People®

Imagination and discovery has a positive impact on our children’s growing minds. I remember when I was growing up, I always played with my cousins and brothers imagining that we were out at sea or selling food in a market or being a teacher in a classroom. I am sure these fond memories helped us grow. Now as a parent, I love watching my children learn through play…

Caroline Fernandez

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New Little People and Contest!

We have 3 little boys, and each one is so different. Our youngest is always getting told what to do, what he is doing wrong, and how to everything, by everyone…..including himself! It’s pretty funny to hear him saying to himself “Justin eat your dinner. NO. Eat your dinner. NO!!!” And when he is tired of telling himself what to do, he tells his stuffed toys, or Little People toys what to do as well. Poor “Dog Dog” gets put in time out…a lot.

Heather Hamilton

It all starts with imagination #fisherpricemoms http://t.co/7DI2pmBOJw

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Meet the New Fisher-Price Friends & Treehouse CONTEST!

I rose early the other day, knowing that my kids had a day off school. I find that my day goes more smoothly when the kids wake and immediately get dressed, wash their hands, face, teeth and brush their hair. If I can get that down pat quickly, then breakfast is a breeze, and I’m off to a great start…

Cheryl Kirkness

He's born to be wild on his Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Tough Trike - even with a leg cast! http://t.co/91FTMNL8di #FisherPriceMoms

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Imagination at Play with Little People

It’s such a joy to watch your little one imagine, play, and learn. Sam often repeats the recent life lessons he’s learned to his toys. I can always tell when he’s been listening to me! I know that Sam learns the most while he’s playing and having fun. One of his favorite toys to enjoy are Fisher-Price Little People®. Recently, I listened to an animated conversation where Sam was part of the action with his little friends. Gone were the divides of size and realness. Each character was real in Sam’s mind and he was part of the gang. It was the sweetest thing ever.

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Our Toddlers Imagination

Nearly every morning after waking up, my toddler heads downstairs and pulls out his favourite toys. There is a Zoo, a basket full of animals, two Farms (yes, two) and his Fisher Price Little People. He sets them up in a semi-circle and then fully immerses himself in imaginative play. Sometimes he asks us to join him, but often he is quite content creating scenarios all on his own..

Cheryl Kirkness

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Wild imaginations

The kid started school about four weeks ago now. Half days, four days a week. It’s been really good for her especially as she’s started making friends. Every afternoon she plays with some of her classmates after school. Kids have learned that she’ll be climbing the rocks if they want to find her and play with her…

Cheryl Kirkness

Baby insisted on giving his Little People check-ups with his medical bag while in hospital. #FisherPriceMoms pic.twitter.com/cQzHrH5Sys

Lisa Thornbury

DD has a ladder and a spring board in her room... http://t.co/HiMwXHGpcv #fisherpricemoms

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Putting ‘Busy’ On Hold #FP_Thomas

If left unchecked, life can become a series of work, events, extra-curricular activities, appointments and responsibilities and it is so easy to fall down the…

Danielle Donders

Sigh, 1 year ago today we set sail on @RoyalCaribbean #AllureoftheSeas with the #fisherpricemoms. I wanna go back!! http://t.co/T7ptuHFk91

Mommy Moment™

Want a super cute app for your little one? The Little People Flower Power app is on sale TODAY $0.99 http://t.co/h3VOU9J56r #FisherPriceMoms

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