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Beach Bums… Summer Toys for Summer Fun

We live in the city, approximately 2.5 hours from the nearest decent beach. You know; clean(ish) water, boardwalk fun, rented cottages galore. And even then, our beaches border lakes and bays…

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In December 2012, Penelope Trunk – an American businesswoman, author, blogger, and famed business advice columnist…

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The Best Little Laugh!

Er…or perhaps, the best little cackle? Now THIS is…

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Reid and Ariel Sitting in a Tree…

Six months ago, Disney’s The Little Mermaid was not on my radar….

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A Million Moments of Joy: OVERreacting

When Ryder first arrived almost five years ago, I did what every new mother does..

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A Million Moments of Joy: OVERnight

Last month, I shared a teaser of Fisher-Price’s NEW A Million Moments of Joy campaign with my post entitled OVERconfident. In it, I chronicled those foolish…

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Step Into A Story with Thomas & Friends…

One of my pet peeves, as a parent of young children, is bedtime.

(Whoa! That just came out WAY too nicely. Let me try again, this time keeping it real.)

I freaking hate bedtime…

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That’s me on April 13th, 2008.
The photo was taken on my 30th birthday!
There I was, 34 weeks pregnant…
…rocking pink David…

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Milestones, Master Moves & My Mini-Me

When I first met my baby, my sweet little Reid, I fell hard – and fast…

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Top 3 Toy Picks for Holiday Gifts!