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Coping With Anxiety With Imaginative Play #FPLittlePeople

If you have followed Mommy Outside at all you know that I have a little girl with some anxiety issues. Most of the time she is a happy, silly three year old. But every once in a while the anxiety gets the better of her and let me tell you it’s not a fun or easy thing to help her through. But we do. Over time we have learned tactics and techniques that help her get through the phases…

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Imaginations Soar with New Little People® Friends by Fisher-Price #FPLittlePeople

My kids have quite an active imagination. Whether it be playing school, trains or with their Fisher-Price farm they have a blast.

I was so excited to hear that Fisher-Price now has some brand new Little People® characters for kids to add to their existing Fisher-Price sets. We recently received Eddie, Mia, Sofie and Tessa to add to our Fisher-Price collection…

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Meet the new Fisher Price Little People gang! #FPLittlePeople

My boys have had the Little People Farm, just about every single vehicle and even the Little People Animal Sounds Zoo since they were babies, and while they loved the toys and the little animals, it was actually the Little People themselves that they really didn’t connect with…

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Introducing The New Fisher-Price Little People Friends

Welcome to the five new Fisher-Price Little People Friends: Sophie, Eddie, Mia, Koby and Tessa. Just as all children have different personalities, so do the Little People characters…

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New Little People Arrived to Take You on Incredible Adventures #FPLittlePeople

I am always amazed with kids’ imagination. Kids are too little to know all the rules of math and physics. Their mind is open to almost everything; they follow their dreams and wishes without any limits…

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Playing with Fisher-Price’s Newest Little People Friends #FPLittlePeople

At our house, it’s not a strange sight to see a giraffe riding a school bus. Or a penguin living with a pig on a farm. Or a gorilla driving the zoo train. I love how realistic Fisher-Price Little People toys are while leaving lots of room for big imaginations…

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Fisher-Price Little People: Inspiring Creative Play for Generations #FPLittlePeople

Fisher-Price Little People® have been around for generations, and for a good reason! They inspire such fun creative play in children! I remember when I was little, I had Fisher-Price playsets with different characters. Back then, Fisher-Price Little People® looked like little pegs with heads…

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Little People, Big Exploration, Big Imagination #FPLittlePeople Review

As a former early childhood educator with over 20 years of experience, I can sincerely say I know the value of play. When children play, they learn about themselves, others, and explore what they are capable of. While engaged in play, children may test out roles, and often use play to make sense of the world in which they live…

Lisa Thornbury

Everything that is real, was imagined first. Right? #fisherpricemoms

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Welcoming new toys

New toys are always welcome at our home, and while they may find themselves mixing with strange company, sometimes that is when the magic starts to happen.

We have had dump trucks helping out in the garden (makes sense really) and horses join us in the bathtub…

Mommy Moment™

Preparing for little guests during the holidays #FisherPriceMoms - Mommy Moment

Caroline Fernandez

All the function and half the space: Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair review #FisherPriceMoms

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NEW Fisher Price Little People Friends & Treehouse Contest #FPLittlePeople

One thing that I love about my kids, is that they have a great sense of imagination when they play. I love listening to the scenarios they create all on their own, and the conversations they have between each other and their toys. It’s so interesting to hear how the interact and what their imaginations come up with next…

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Today I was a little girl that lived on top of a giant pumpkin with a horse.
The sheep lived in the chicken coop next door…

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Little People have BIG Personalities #FPLittlePeople

My child has a super-sized personality, despite her pint-size frame. Maybe it’s because she was a preemie, or maybe she was always to be this way, but we have a hoot at the thing she does and says. As she grows, so too does her personality…

Lisa Thornbury

I'd imagine anyone would be THRILLED to win this playful prize. #imagination #fisherpricemoms

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Celebrate Five New Friends Joining the Fisher-Price Little People with a Special Contest from Treehouse #FPLittlePeople

It always amazes me that two boys with the same parents raised in the same household with the same rules can be so very different. My boys have a few things in common, such as their love for imaginative play and their fondness for babies. But in so many other ways, they aren’t alike at all…

Lisa Thornbury

Imaginext toys are AMAZING! Check out this toy prize! Stellar. #fisherpricemoms

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The Magic of Imaginative Play!

My 3-year-old’s schedule is filled with lots of free-play and creative-play time. At his age I believe in the importance of allowing him that time for unstructured play for him to develop his creativity…

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5 Ways to Encourage Imaginative Play

Recently, Fisher Price sent me 5 of their new Little People® characters, and it got me thinking about how important it is for kids to use their imaginations when they play. In an age of technology, I worry that my boys aren’t going to benefit from play as much as my generation did…

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